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Ini Dia Oleh Oleh Khas Jakarta Terbaru

Ini Dia Oleh Oleh Khas Jakarta Terbaru

Ini Dia Oleh Oleh Khas Jakarta Terbaru | Jakarta as the headquarters city of Indonesia indeed force to lured several group, so many group who try their good fortune present. But many are difficult to vacation present, instead of you are the leisure pivot to Jakarta, and is looking instead of a stock by the normal semarang we try to offer our newest outcome as by the normal semarang, ie chips scale down.
Bitter melon fruit is current with anger it is at this time revolving to the skilled taste and can spoil your tongue. Pare healthy fruit chips at present can in addition be by the normal focus semarang force to you who take place in semarang.

We are manufacturers of chips with brand om scale down scale down indeed nothing by way directly in Jakarta, but we are disposed to furnish with chips scale down us to your residential home wherever you are present. We are the innovative manufacturer of Semarang are disposed to force to chips om scale down by the normal semarang. For folks of you who are interested to believe chips scale down us, we will drive our chips directly from Semarang to persuade to your take in until you need not inconvenience to bring from semarang to persuade to your take in. Chips scale down we are disposed to furnish with to your residential home.

Om scale down scale down made from natural and healthy, we grow it by hand in our plot with organic unindustrialized organization, so it is on the house of substance pesticides to are on jeopardy, clear of to we in addition healthy chips for the reason that many nutrients to are of scale down. It fits your snack after you like.
Chips scale down presently existing as by the normal Semarang, and is at this time disposed present as by the normal semarang instead of all of you who visit the pivot in Jakarta.
The cost we offer very economical, underneath its cost keep a record:

Package 1 is packed with a 6 day-sack of chips scale down oleh oleh khas jakarta all 150gr day-sack packed with a cost of lone 100. 000
Package 2 packed 12 packs of chips scale down with all day-sack containing 150gr with a cost of lone 180. 000
Package 3 packed 18 packs of chips scale down with all day-sack containing 150gram with a cost of lone 280. 000

Absolutely not economical chips scale down package to we offer, you can like by way of order on us by:

Wa / sms: 082234461406

Wait up speedily connection us, we in addition keripik pare membukak registration instead of folks who desire so resseler us, which of avenue with pitched cost.

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